Rypple - Social Networking Meets Performance Evaluations

6:14 PM Posted by Site Editor

Rypple is a simple application that lets anyone ask for feedback from a group or team of people. Rypple takes an old concept of asking for feedback and brings it forward to a Twitter/social media society.


* Create instant micro-polls
* Identity protected feedback
* Instant deployment company wide or just within teams
* Trend analysis

How companies use Rypple

* Empower employees to gather quick, frequent feedback on themselves, their projects, and anything else
* Quickly poll small teams or the entire company ("How can we beat our competition?")
* Get managers and employees talking. Before the annual review. ("What can I do to help you meet your goals?")


* Greater productivity through continuous feedback and improvement
* Save time and money vs. expensive surveys
* Real-time insight for employees and managers
* Know what really matters to your people
* Transform culture and improve retention

Visit Rypple.com and try it for free to obtain some valuable insight in record time.