Adjix for Twitter - Embed Ads and Manage Tweets

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What is Adjix?
Shorten a long link, embed an ad, and tweet it

Adjix is a way for people to create short links to Web sites, tweet them, track clicks, and earn revenue.

Adjix also ties in very nicely with Twitter using our Adjix2Twitter feature that allows you to tweet a link now or have it scheduled to be sent later from multiple Twitter accounts.

Embed Ads in tweets
Linkers can also earn revenue with Adjix2Twitter using the new Embed Ad option which allows you to embed an ad directly into your tweet.

Shrink a link
For example, you can turn this link:

into this link:

When people click on the Adjix link an optional text ad from the Adjix ad network at the top of the page. You'll earn revenue from these ads provided that you were logged into your free Adjix Linker account when you created your short link.

Ad-Free Links
You also have the option to not have any ads associated with your link. Simply choose "No Ad" from the pop-up next to the "Shrink Link" button. The ad-free links are simple redirects to the destination Web site. But, Adjix will still collect click data for your ad-free links.

Link Data
You can see your link's data (who clicked on the link?, when?, how many times?) when you log into your Linker account - just make sure you see your e-mail address under the text field where you entered the orginal link (URL).

Why shorten a link?
Long links may not work when you send them in a text message or in an e-mail because they wrap from one line to the next. The link in the above example would be too long to send in a text message.

Not only are Adjix links shorter, but, if you've logged into your free Linker account on the Adjix website you can also track exactly who has clicked on your links plus you earn revenue from the Adjix ads which run when your shortened link is clicked.

Additionally, you can shorten your links even further when every character counts, such as when sending a link via text message. Simply replace with

Business branding (Use your own domain name) You can also use your own domain name in place of or when you shorten a link.

This service is free and seems to be worth a try.
Visit Adjix and see how it can help you manage your tweets.