How Social Media Tools (Twitter) Can Complement Your Business Initiatives

9:28 AM Posted by Site Editor

Advertising Age has an interesting article that asks one important question.

Will Twitter Disrupt your business...or enhance it?

Here are just a few of the places where you can start to see Twitter and other social networks overturn the established order:

1. They make it easier and faster to monitor what customers think about your product and company. Tip: Use the Twitter search feature to see what people think about a client's brand.

2. Twitter gives you the ability to move beyond targeted messages to real conversations. One-to-one marketing celebrated the ability to tailor a message or an offer to an individual. Twitter lets you actually interact with people.

3. Through social networks, brand identity has broken free of the agency-driven campaign. Companies such as Zappos and Amazon have built their brands through the principles of community with very limited advertising.

Check out the article at Advertising Age.